A Return to Wholeness

Since its first launch in 2009, the Holistic Globe® brand has been committed to facilitating opportunities for self-discovery, personal transformation, and kindred networking in a supportive, non-competitive, inclusive, and co-creative environment.

We showcase body, mind, and spirit wellness as a main theme, hoping to cater to all aspects of our human condition, including our pursuit of happiness, balance, fulfillment, and the illumination of our entire being (energetically, spiritually, physically, emotionally, and mentally).

After a COVID-induced 4-year “Hermit” pause of introspection and evolution, we are back hosting our live events. And despite the complexity of a new post-pandemic reality, our mission and commitment remain the same. We’re here to support collective awakening efforts and individual self-empowerment callings through inspirational content, vetted resources, and engaging live event experiences.

We’re the creatives, empath healers, intuitives, artists, life coaches, spiritual teachers, wellness professionals, visionaries, and holistic entrepreneurs who hope to support, provide, inspire, empower, and guide humankind with confidence, compassion, and respect.

On our dedicated trajectory, we have hosted hundreds of exhibitors and experts, welcomed thousands of enthusiastic attendees, and originated powerful kindred connections and business alliances. We feature vendors, speakers, live demos, interactive workshops, and unique networking socials celebrating the local, national, and international experts making a difference in our world.

Our event is a sacred space for healing, strategy, and regeneration in body, mind, and spirit. A relaxed, harmonious, yet intentional atmosphere to find the perfect product or meet a soulmate, soul tribe member, or your next business partner.

As a professional platform, our event welcomes and showcases holistic, spiritual, earth-friendly, heart-centered, and socially conscious experts, organizations, and brands. And for our attendees and loyal supporters, we make our community of verified experts, products, and unique experiences available for safe, self-paced, and up-close exploration.

Come and join a Holistic Globe® event in a city near you!